Zong Internet one day package & Offers

To call Zong Internet one-day package, you can dial *999# from your Zong SIM. This will activate the 1-day package for you, and you can begin making calls and using data. It’s always better to check the package details, their cost, and all the terms and conditions before subscribing to any package.

What is Zong day time offer?

Zong Internet one day package offers 1200 MB of data from 4 am until 7 at night. It is available at Rs.16+Tax/day. Dial *47# to take advantage of the deal. Therefore, take advantage while they last!

Bundle Price Validity
Daytime Ooffers RS. 16+Tax/Day 4AM to 7 PM

Zong Day Time Offer

As far as the internet service it offers, Zong is Pakistan’s first 3G and 4G service provider. Zong has also conducted 5G testing and has made Zong an industry leader in telecom, well ahead of the trend. Zong 4G Pakistan offers a variety of MMBBbundles. They include daily 3G plans Weekly MBs, and Monthly 4GBs. Internet bundles from Zong will ensure you enjoy high-speed internet, as well as amazing deals and all while remaining easy on your wallet.

Terms and Conditions

The below-mentioned Taxes/ Charges could be applicable:

  • AIT Rate 12.5% Advance Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5 percent is charged on every recharge
  • Tax on sales (GST) at 19.5 percent on use is applicable.

What is Zong 20?

Pick the right package that meets your requirements from our top-selling prepaid packages.

Charging Plus 20 seconds
On Net/Off Net (Rs./Plus) Rs.0.99 + Tax
SMS Rs.(All Ne4 amrks) Rs.17 pm + Tax
Mobile Internet (Rs./MB) 4 rupees + tax
Package change Dial *310* or call 310.


  • First-time package change is free.
  • 15+ tax is applicable on every tariff change first-time time package change charge of Rs.
  • A call setup charge in the amount of PKR 0.15 is charged.

Change to the package

  • Text 931 or phone 310

Terms and Conditions

The following tax/charges are applicable.

The Advance income Tax (AIT) AIT rate is 15 percent is available on any recharge.

  • FED of 19.5% is applicable on consumption (where applicable).
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% is applicable on consumption (if applicable).

Daytime Offer Zong

You can get  16 plusses internet speeds with Zong 4G speeds throughout the daytime with Zong Day Timing Offer. It provides 1200MB available from 4 am until 7 pm. You can also avail of Zong Day Time at Rs. 16 plus tax per day. Call *47# to sign up for the daytime Time Offer.

Zong daytime bundle can be used in conjunction together with different internet packages, except Zong Good Night Deal. The Day Time Offer automatically renews on an ongoing basis which means that you do not have to sign up manually each time. If the subscriber runs out of credit when auto-activation is activated, the service is going to deactivate. There are no limited one-day loads. The users can download as many as they like within the 1200MB limit from 4 AM until 7 pm. This offer is available to all 3G, 2G, and 4G Prepaid subscribers.

Zong Internet one-day package

The same add-on is offered similar to regular data bundles. The validity of the add-on will be synced with the most valid bundle. If the customer is a member of a bundle in addition to DTO assuming 1.2GB (of DTO) the customer will switch to the next bundle. If the customer does not have any other bundles with DTO and consumes it will switch to a non-do before bundling until 7 pm at which point he will be redirected to the default rate. Additionally, the customer is charged for the second time if they activated the offer before 12:01 am.

You can too” to 6464in case you wish to opt out of the Zong daytime-based package offers. Additionally, an Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5 percent is applied for each recharge, while a tax (GST) in the amount of 19.5 percent applies on

In the end, Zong Day Time Offer is the ideal solution for your orate requirements while offering you the most reliable communications for a small amount. Join it now and enjoy the day. Also, enjoy a fantastic morning by signing up for Zong Day Time!

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