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Rivian stock price prediction in 2025

Rivian stock price prediction is one of the U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer that is headquartered in California. At present, it is selling its R1S SUV as well as the it’s R1T pickup trucks. It also offers fleet service for vans. All operate using Rivian. Rivian operating system. It also sells accessories with branded names and services.

Will Rivian Be Successful?

Rivian has created a distinct brand that targets adventurers as well as eco-conscious consumers. It’s managed by a CEO driven by mission, Robert Scaringe, whose overarching objective is to change the way we travel towards more sustainable alternatives.

The company has created an array of products that can be able to support an recurring revenue model in the near future. It offers a charging network and insurance solutions as well as its primary vehicles.

It’s currently lacking the resources to build vehicles at a size and is facing intense opposition from competitors such as Ford as well as Tesla.

Is Rivian Stock a Buy, Sell or Hold?

Rivian At its peak was a corporation that was worth around $150 billion. The company now is valued at around $18.96 billion. But, it had $14 billion in cash and equivalents at the end of Q3 2022. This must be an excellent deal surely? Not necessarily.

Burning Cash

Rivian has found itself in tough circumstance due to its aggressive cash burn. The company is predicted to consume more than $11 billion in cash by the end of 2025’s fiscal year, and it invested $2.07 billion in the quarter of 2022’s Q3 in the first quarter alone. At present, there’s not enough growth in revenue enough to justify this expenditure since the company reported only $536 million during the first quarter.

In the event that Rivian continues to spend its cash rapidly, and does not see a significant increase in sales or production the company will be losing money. The company’s valuation and price will likely fall together.

Production Difficulties – Improving

Rivian management has cited inflationary pressures as well as supply chain problems as the main reasons for increased costs and reduced production issues that could require some time to address.

In Rivian’s Q3 2022 earnings report it stated that it would meet its year-end goal of 25000 vehicles. While it only produced 4,401 in the first quarter, as per the shareholder letter that it increased in Q3 the production rate to 7,363 cars. This is 77% more than what it had produced in the previous period in 2021.


The time will tell if the increase in production is sufficient to attract investors back. The billionaire George Soros, for example has had sold millions Rivian shares earlier in the year and instead made an investment at first-time in Rivalries Tesla as well as Ford. Although this may be an plan to diversify however, it’s not seen as a signal of confidence in Rivian.

What Is the Forecast for Rivian Stock?

What do analysts commenting on Rivian stock? Numerous analysts have expressed their opinions on the price.

The range of estimates spans from an average of $70 to the lowest of $21.46 and the median price target for 12 months of $46.22. From the 20 analysts who track the company 11, of them gave an excellent buy and/or buy rating five hold ratings, and two have ratings that are underperform, in accordance with Yahoo Finance.

This is the Bull Case for Rivian

Rivian is among the first companies to launch an electric pickup truck with a high-quality. Because of its first-mover advantage Rivian has the potential to grab a substantial portion part of market share as consumers shift to electric vehicles. It had 11,414 net order pre-orders already in place for R1s as of November. 7 and another order for 100 electric vehicles on Amazon.

Yet, rivian stock 2025 is a long way from completing these deliveries.

It’s the Bear Case for Rivian

Rivian stock price prediction in 2025 continues to go through funds at a fast rate as it has produced only 15,000 vehicles since the beginning of production until September 30. Even if the firm were to achieve its goal of 25,000 vehicles by the year 2022’s end, this is still a small number when compared with other companies in the automobile sector.

Ford sold more than 4 million vehicles by 2021. In spite of the excitement that surrounds rivian stock 2025 Tesla, the company is faced with the real-world economics. If supply chain and inflation problems don’t permit the company to make its product or earn a profit. It could be in debt before it is able to keep its word.

Analyst Estimates for Rivian 2025’s Rivian stock price prediction for 2025 is $15.23 which is down from $47.88 one month ago.

A multi-year price target is basically an assumption, given the current market circumstances, stock price volatility as well as a volatile macroeconomic climate. The forecasts will be extensively updated over the coming years.

In the coming twelve months, The 18 analysts who are following the stock and presenting year-end price targets offer a broad variety of opinions about the company. Forecasts vary from an initial low of $21.46 up to a maximum of $70. The average estimate of $46.22.

Final Take

From its prior sky-high price, Rivian has taken a huge loss, as have many other stocks that have been hyped up between 2020 to 2021. Although the company does show promising signs in the near term due to the inevitable EV adoption but there are many concerns.

With shares dropping over 62% just in 2022 anyone who have a high tolerance for risk should be wary.

David Granahan and Daria Uhlig were the authors of the writing for this article.

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